FlightSurv Aerial Survey Software

Comprehensive aerial survey software system.

FlightSurv Aerial Survey Software

JOUAV FlightSurv Software is a comprehensive aerial survey software system that integrates aerial survey mission planning, control and monitoring, data processing, and cloud services. The flight mission planning and execution function is powerful, supporting multiple measurements, multiple sorties, multiple operation modes, and working mode control matching, providing cloud simulation, cloud solving and other cloud service support.


Guided interface design, simple and intuitive, users can quickly and conveniently complete the entire flight mission;

One-stop control system, get rid of the trouble of one flight mission and multiple software switching, and improve the efficiency of aerial survey inside and outside business;

Supports automatic planning of drone routes in multiple scenarios, with powerful route editing functions and high flexibility;

JOUAV cloud services, providing pose cloud solution, drone management, vertical and horizontal cloud flight records, repair and maintenance testing services, data synchronization in the cloud, and support for multi-terminal login.

Flight planning module

Support task planning on the PC side, and support cloud project synchronization;
With 3D map route planning function;

Route design for multiple operation modes (including flight at terrain following mode, S shape route, corridor route, polygon route, oblique mapping route, inclined omnidirectional route, orbital route, etc.);

With automatic block division function;

With multi-region and multi-task functions;

With the function of automatic sorting, the mileage of a single flight can be customized;

Automatic route design, only need to input the requirements of aerial photography range, aerial survey resolution, and overlap rate, it can automatically generate aerial photography route and automatically extract survey area elevation information to ensure flight safety;

Support professional zoning route planning and design. For high-drop areas, it is possible to design routes within a single flight according to different altitudes and overlap rates, so as to meet the requirements of aerial survey specifications;
With the online and offline elevation browsing function of the route;

Support altitude protection function, you can set the flight protection altitude, if there is a failure, the aircraft will fall up to the preset value, and it can automatically land to protect the aircraft;

The PC has a built-in 3D earth, supports full 3D mission planning mode, and has precise route design imported by KML.

Flight control module

Step-guided operation process, fully automatic operation mode, support professional users to customize flight mode;
With real-time information display, switching and voice broadcast functions. Real-time display of coordinates, altitude, direction, speed, rate of climb, engine speed, pitch angle, roll angle and other parameters, real-time display of GPS positioning status data, real-time display of the number of aerial images; real-time display of flight control battery, steering gear battery, Power battery voltage/oil volume;

It has the functions of resuming flight at breakpoint, returning home with one button, stopping with one button, and landing with one button;

Support 3D flight monitoring function;

Equipped with visual replay function, replaying the flight telemetry data, and importing the display load to accurately take pictures.

Cloud Flight Simulation

Cloud simulation can be used to simulate flight, making flight operations safer and more reliable; for daily flight training, it can greatly improve training efficiency and reduce training costs.

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